Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Do I have to provide you the design files or can you design my signs for me?

Most agents are not able to provide us with print-ready artwork so we work with you to custom design your signs. We can either match an existing sign design that you show us or we can come up with something custom using your input and preferences. All of our prices include a FREE custom design.

Can I put my picture on the signs?

Yes. All of our products are printed full color.

What file format and resolution is best for my picture?

.TIFF files have a transparent background which works best.

.JPEG files have a solid background which means that your photo will be in a rectangular box.

We need the highest resolution photo that you have to improve the print quality (1+ megabytes). Many photographers will "Dropbox a link" to your high resolution file. Forwarding us the link to those files is the best approach.

Can you remove the background from my .JPEG photo file?

Sometimes. If your picture has a solid color background, then it is possible to remove the background using Adobe Photoshop. If your picture was taken outdoors, then the background may be too complex to remove.

Do you have my Broker Logo?

We have the logo for all of the major Franchises. If you are an independent broker, you can either upload your logo online when placing the order or you can email it to us at

What file format is best for my Broker Logo?

.EPS, .AI or .PDF are the best file formats as they contain the "vector components" of your logo which print the best.

.PNG files have a transparent background and print fine on business cards or small signs, but sometimes will distort (print blurry) on larger signs or banners.

.JPEG files have a solid background and depending on the file size will distort (print blurry)

Will you send me a PROOF prior to printing my signs?

YES, we will email you a PROOF to get your input and final approval prior to printing.

Do you put the holes in the top of the signs?

For Sale signs come with grommets in the top left and right corners (approx. 4" in from each corner). Open House signs can have grommets added for $1ea grommet and they are placed in the top left and right corners (approx. 1/2" in from each corner) unless you are using h-stakes which don't require holes. If you need holes in the bottom of the for sale signs to hang a rider below your sign, please let us know (cost is $1/grommet).